Video tutorial "Chicken and Rooster "

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Dear friends, 

Let me introduce you my new master class « Chicken and Rooster »


This video tutorial is showing you all process of sewing the chicken and rooster, and  how to sew the clothes as well


This video tutorial is HD quality, so you ain't miss no detail.


This is a time lapse video, however this doesn't affect the quality of video. 


It is ideal for beginner and even for those, who has no sewing skills.


Rooster and Chicken patterns are provided in pdf A4 format


Rooster pattern is a little bit bigger than Chicken pattern


I suggest you to use thick fleece  420 g/m for sewing a Roosterboy,  and for Chickengirl please choose lighter one - 250-300 g/m 

The size of final Rooster  is 28 cm. The size of Chicken – 26 cm. 


Master class is provided in 3 parts.

The first and second part is about Chicken, 3rd part is all about sewing the Rooster and his jumpsuit. 


Technical data 

- Chicken1.mp4

667,3МB hd 1280х720 18:20

- Chicken2.mp4

665,6МB hd 1280х720 18:05

- Rooster.mp4

665,4 МB hd 1280х720 20:52

- pattern.pdf 10,5МБ


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